1″ Bumperless Dual Range

  •  Available in NP (NPSH) or NH (NST) Thread
  •  Anodized Aluminum construction
  •  10 – 30 GPM
  •  Fog and Straight stream with twist shut-off
  •  7/8  lb.
  •  Meets Forest Service Specifications (DLA)
  •  Made in the U.S.A.
    Part Number:  NZ-DRB-1NH or NZ-DRB-1NP


Dual Range Nozzles give the operator more control with both a low flow and a high flow rate setting. Crafted from anodized aircraft aluminum, S&H Dual Range nozzles are ultra-lightweight and extremely durable. Adjustable fog and straight stream patterns with a twist shut-off provide superior control. These nozzles are designed to meet or exceed U.S. Forest Service Performance Specifications (FSS).


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