Hydrant Gate Valve

  •  Available in 2.5″ NH (NST) Thread
  •  Lightweight aluminum construction
  •  Brass non-rising stem
  •  250 psi operating pressure
  •  3.5  lbs.
  •  Powder coated red or black
  •  Made in the U.S.A.

    Part Number:
    Hydrant Gate Valves, HGV-R-25 (red) HGV-B-25 (black)



The S&H Hydrant Gate Valve is constructed with a light-weight cast aluminum body, anodized aluminum gate, and a brass non-rising stem with crank handle. Its light weight and rugged construction make it perfect for hydrant kit bags and stand pipe applications. Highly cost effective and extremely durable, the HGV is available in 2.5″ NH threads. Available in powder coated black or red.



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